Monday, May 24, 2010

Final collection judges pick: jchappa

My Judges pick for the final collections is jchappa.

The largest factor for me is the evolution that you see from the first challenge through the Revision opportunity. In the first round, her entry was one of the less impressive interpretations of the most widely chosen subject, but each entry seemed to improve on the last, in terms of design, skill, and detail. Her revision seems to bring everything together, not only from the round two entry, but collectively. Her color palate is simple but works incredibly well, and the look is well edited, which is something I think she struggled a bit with in the first two rounds, and just a smidge in the third.

I also love her photography, and while this isn't a photography comepetition, she knew how to take pictures that worked the outfits. She took lots of pictures of each entry to show what she really wanted people to notice, and it pays off. I'm still super impressed by her lace-making, which I might have assumed were store-purchased, had she not photographed the process. There are also lots of clear shots, from different angles of each piece, to show how well the fit is, the outfit's silhouette, and other crucial aspects.

She also made some great choices in color combinations, particularly the red and black in the revision and in the third round, with the striped fabric and the pink and yellow.

In short, I've chosen jchappa because I hope to see lots more work from her, and I think that she can still keep on improving.

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