Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring by Numberonekitty
You can definitely look at this outfit and think, "Spring!" due to the color scheme and the flowers, but at the same time, other details offer originality and continue to reference the season. The jacket was a fantastic addition, and a smart way of considering the inspirational season, since you never can quite guess the weather in Spring. The print seems a little large for the scale, even considering big prints are "in" right now, a print that was only a tad smaller might have been better. While this could easily be an easter dress, or something similar, the beading, contrast color, and even the shape of the jacket, really add a sense of artistry to the garment that make the dress seem much more than something you could just get at the store.

Autumn by Holley
This outfit is a lot more subtle in the references, but if you had to choose a season for it just by looking, Autumn does seem to be the obvious choice. The pink was a good choice over the white, or a more obvious orange or red, and the sort of "burnt" tinge to it still seems to fit with the season. The basketweave in the top adds a lot of interest to a somewhat simple design, but the fit is a bit odd, particularly in the sleeves. Parts of the dress seem a bit incongruous with each other, reflecting the other colors of the weave in the skirt or sleeves might have helped blend everything.

Summer Sunset Formal by jchappa
This one really evokes the season, but the top and bottom almost seem like two seperate pieces. Making the wave decoration as a belt on different fabric or something similar might have helped bring the whole look together. While we could see kids wearing something similar, we can't help but wonder if it might looked better on a curvier body. A fuller skirt could add more shape and definition to it. Still, the particular shades of gold and blue coordinate well together, and they were great choices. The layering effect for the waves works really well, but applying individual beads would have allowed more control over the placement, though it would certainly have been more time-consuming.

Spring by Heritage4
This dress is deceptively simple. The silouette isn't revolutionary, nor is the color scheme, but somehow, they combine to be very memorable. The shade of green works very well against the slightly ecru-ish white, while the gathering in the sleeves and bodice is very nicely done.This was also a case of great model-choice and styling; the complex hairstyle contrasts nicely with the dress's simplicity, while the lack of jewelry actually lets the dress speak for itself! Creating the clutch out of ribbon was also a great idea, and the best way to match the exact color she needed! It also brings to mind the season, and even seems perfect to be worn during it, without using any overt symbols.

Summer by Neohealy
This many layers and versatility can be a real risk, but for the most part, we think it works really well, though there is some disagreement about how vividly this brings to mind the season, with Spring being the other potential candidate. There's a lot of layering going on, but the lighter fabrics tend to prevent the look from being overwhelmed by it, and the numerous different looks available all seem to work well, without any one standing out as being "too much" or "too little". While the fabrics aren't necessarily "formal" the sequins and lace add a but of class to the look. The bodice looks a little crooked in some photos, but that might have been intentional to go with the asymmetrical-ness of the entire dress. Adding the charm in the bodice was a good choice, it brings together a color scheme that otherwise might have been too conflicting.

Winter by LJcatfeather
Doing a tux was really clever and innovative! Your cat is very wise, as we think the colors you have work well together, bringing to mind the deadness and other colors of winter. Yellow might have been too much. The pattern modifications were a great way to add a bit of the designer, and the 2 piece lapel does seem like a better choice. The jacket and pants seem to fit well, but pressing the pants a bit more, maybe with more steam/moisture for a stronger crease (or to eliminate it), would have been better. As it stands, we're not sure if it's intentional. The flowers seemed to be a strange, and perhaps unnecessary, addition, but the explanation does make them make a bit more sense.

Springand Inspiration by the1butterfly
The inspiration for this dress, cherry blossoms, is one of the more common symbols of the season, but the dress's design elements are very innovative. Using the petals in the skirt works very well and gives it a very unique look. We can see what the designer was going for with the heart in the bodice, but the middle line, in particular, divides the top part a little too harshly. A second color/fabric, possibly in the petals, as the heart in the bodice, or for a layering look, might have toned down the shine a bit, for better photos, and contrasted nicely with the pink. Using the petals in the top, might have also worked well, since the effect in the fold does look so nice on the skirt.

Summer by thelight139
The concept here works really well. The color and shape are a little mermaid-esque which seems very appropriate for the season, but only upon a little bit of thought. While the fabric colors work well together, we wish the transition between the front and back of the skirt was a little less abrupt. A curved shape or even more of a triangle would have been more complex to cut out, but would have looked a little nicer. The beading detail really adds a lot to the dress, and the free-formedness of it works very well, and might have been difficult to achieve with pre-strung beads or trim.

Chrissa's Beach Party Dress by Curiouser
The colors work very well together, without being overwhelming, despite the number of different shades. Using the ribbon for the weaving was clever, as was the interfacing, but the shape is a little sharp-looking, perhaps due to the right angles that are sort of forced by the ribbon. Curves would have been difficult to achieve with a woven-look, but a fuller skirt, or a few tweeks to the woven pattern could have played more with angles and silhouette.

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