Sunday, April 11, 2010

Challenge Round 4: Formal Season

For this challenge, you're to create a formal outfit, inspired by a season.

We encourage you to interpret that however you wish, but here are some things to consider:
-Few 10-14 year olds are wearing formal dresses, so we won't consider the appropriateness of the style. However, we will still consider the cut and fit on the actual doll. We don't want to see a dress that emphasized the boobs, for example, because there are no boobs to emphasize.
-Consider staying away from the obvious symbols, like snowflakes for winter. Artistic interpretation can make your dress stand out more.
-Obvious colors can also be a bit boring, but at the same time, with nontraditional colors, you might need to explain why your winter dress is in Green and Yellow, and even with that explanation, people might not be able to look at the dress and think winter.
-You can still choose a historical look, but please specify if you do! We're still looking for modern designs that wearable today, by default.
-We're also looking for seasons, not holidays that occur within a season.

Bonus points are available this round, for using a technique done by hand. This can be something like Rouching, crochet, knitting, or whatever, so long as it's done by hand. Embroidery by hand will also count, but fancy stitches from your machine will not. The technique is optional, but it will net you two bonus points. Make sure to photograph and explain your extra technique.

Since this round deals with formal dresses, and hand techniques, however, you have nearly three weeks to complete it. Entries will be due on May 1st, Midnight, PST.

However, the final collection review & challenge will be posted around the 24th of April, so you may want to plan accordingly.

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