Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Round two peer reviews

I would have had this up earlier but I was on vacation. I think the list is identical to last round but if I missed anyone, give me a gentle poke.

Rule reminders:
1. No flaming. Duh. "I hate it" is not helpful to someone. Try to keep all comments helpful to the sewer.
2. To that end, for every negative thing you say, try to add something about what you liked about the outfit
3. This is all experimental and we hope it'll go well so we can do it again!

4. You can do these in a judge style the way we do, or not - totally your choice.


If you weren't included in the above list but would like to be, you can comment below or email us and we'll edit it in (it's totally okay even if you miss the deadline; it just means you'll be added later).

1 comment:

  1. Gomunk: Lovely details on this dress. I like the lace up in the back.

    Fin: The colors look so good on Mia. Very nicely made also.

    Allicapri: Perfect color for Elana! I love the hankie skirt line.

    Sewingmama: This outfit is adorable! I love the undies & leg warmers. The fit on this outfit is perfect!

    Curiouser: Smart idea! And I like how the dress can be worn by itself.

    jchappa: Nice detail on this dress. It would look cute paired with leggings.

    heritage4: I like the top, esp with the vest added. I'm not so sure about the skirt, but my daughter loves the skirt.

    prncssme: The use of computer cord was very clever! This looks like something my daughter would wear. Nice detail on the pants.

    stellakelly: A most groovy outfit! It looks totally 70s right down to the rainbow shirt. Very nice details on this outfit.

    Seaflower: I love the jacket! Pair it with a skirt or black pants & I could wear it on a date (with my DH of course). The fabric is beautiful & you did a good job sewing it.

    numberonekitty: Very cute shirt! I love the fabric & the white ruffles. I like the candy wrapper purse, very clever.