Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Collection Review & Final Challenge

It's the last round! We'll be taking a look back at all of the work you've done for the contest, and voting and distributing points based on everything.

If you entered any rounds, you're eligible to earn points here. You have the option to email me the links to the two hosted photos you’d like to be displayed in the Final Collection review entry, in addition to links to your albums for every entry. If you don’t email me this, then I’ll choose your highest scoring entries, and if there’s a tie, I’ll choose which I liked best.

You can also send me a list of the album links, which would save me loads of time, but otherwise, I’ll be pulling the links to previous entries from each rounds posting. If they’re gone or moved, just include new links in your email. If you have deleted albums, and don’t want to re-upload them, you can send links to the a single photo of your outfit, and that’s what will be included.

Essentially, I can only include what I have. If you forget to send all this, but your past links all work, then you’re fine. But, if all your links are broken, I hold no responsibility for that.

For the final review, we will be voting and picking judges picks like normal, however, each will be worth 50% extra points, with half points being rounded up to a whole (ie, third in votes is normally worth 3 points, so third in the Final review will be worth 5.)

In addition to the Final Collection Review, however, you have the option to go back and revise a single entry. You can start from scratch or merely add a pair of leggings or whatever. You can consider your critique for that round, but we do not expect.

This Revision is worth the same amount of points as a normal round, including the option not to do it, and the single point for actually doing it. Voting and judges picks will proceed as normal.

If you do the revision, a frontal image must be one of the two photos you choose to display on the Final Collection Review. Send your hotlink and album link, just as you would a normal round.

Also, if you have an etsy, an ebay account, a store, or even just a posting on PT or your livejournal, include the link! I’ll include it with your collection and maybe even its own entry!

Links and the Revision are due by midnight, PST Sunday May 9th, and will be posted as soon as possible, but likely Monday evening/night.

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