Saturday, April 10, 2010

Supernonamegirl's Pick!

Generally, both this year, and last, a couple of outfits stand out to me from the beginning of a round, and I do tend to go to them for the judges' pick, but that didn't happen this time. There were some really great entries, but I didn't fall in love with anything right off the bat. As I was working on the critiques though, that changed and I really did fall in love with one of the looks. The details were what really made this outfit stand out, in terms of skill, inspiration, and originality. My choice: prncssme!

The jacket is easily my favorite part of this outfit, the Silouhette is very regency, while the color is simiply beautiful and a bit modern. The wire detail is also thoughtful, it doesn't seem tacked on. But, even the other outfit pieces, the pants, the shirt, and the headband, all are more than "just" a tank and pants and headband. The assymetrical hemline was a great choice, while the embroidery on the pants was a nice reference to lace or the decorative bottoms that would be found on pantalettes. And, the headband is something that I would wear, made out of electrical wire or not.

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