Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bean's Judge Pick

I am late, I am sorry, and I deserve to be beaten around a little for it.

I'm also voting for Firinel's entry. Please enjoy this bulleted list as to why:

  • Those colors are straight out of Lanie's collection, and I appreciate the thought that took. The outfit also relates directly to one of Lanie's interests, while adding to what she already has.
  • She made her own tye dye design, which took some thought and stood out.
  • It looks like something a real kid would wear!
  • I enjoy the thought that went into adding the foam kneeler as an accessory.
  • Most importantly, everything's sewn incredibly well and fits the doll.


  1. She says here that she made the doll's tie dye top from an existing tie dye garment. She cut the piece from an area where the design was smaller. So no, she didn't make her own tie dye design.

  2. Sewingmama, I think your factchecking is great, but seriously, your comments on the judges' reviews and on this "winner-pick" make you look rather bitter, and like, dare I say it, a sore loser. Just let the competition play out...there aren't even any prizes.