Monday, March 15, 2010

Judge's Pick, round 1: Curiouser (guest judge)

As one of our three winners last year, we've asked Curiouser to guest judge this first round of outfits. Her comments are below.

Thanks a lot. And I mean that in a very sarcastic way. There are so many great outfits to choose from and I only get to pick one. Thanks. Couldn’t most of you have just blown the challenge so the winner would be totally obvious? So, how do you choose a winner in this type of contest? Do you go with the best concept? The best execution? A bit of both? What about marketability? Do I want to own the outfit? Is there an outfit that looks well made, fits the challenge, and I’d like to own? Yes, several of them do. In fact, if AG were to produce all of these outfits I’d be very broke for a while.

Okay, here goes, I’m awarding my guest judge points to Firinel’s gardening outfit for Lanie. Why this outfit? First, I LOVE the colors. Blues and greens are my favorites so she caught my attention quickly. (I’m all about color.) I just love the tie dye blue, the shade of green, the way the green matches the crocs… I just love the color combination and the fabrics chosen. Secondly, everything fits great. (Are we REALLY supposed to believe that Fin is a sewing newbie?) Thirdly, Lanie really needs some denim in her life. Some may say Lanie’s collection already has a gardening outfit. I think they have been deceived, I don’t know anyone who gardens in white capris. This is the outfit AG SHOULD have made. Finally, the color scheme fits Lanie’s collection. This outfit actually screams Lanie to me. As a bonus the pieces make a great outfit together, they also have tons of mix and match potential. In fact the only criticism I can
give this outfit is that I wish it had a hat to protect the fair Lanie from the sun… although I suspect her white bucket hat would match nicely.

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