Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peer reviews

Christine and I (Mars) were discussing this past challenge with someone privately, and it was really interesting to hear what a non-judge, someone voting who was able to split her votes, looked for in the entries she voted for, and to see how people reacted when they could split their votes and when they weren't part of making up the challenge with preconceived notions. And it occurred to me that in the discussion posts, there really isn't a whole lot of talk about what people like or didn't like about different outfits.

So we thought it would be really fun to have a peer review thread here on the blog, where YOU can be the judge. It will go up after the voting results are announced and people can explain why they did or didn't vote for a design This is entirely OPTIONAL for designers to participate in. To that end, in the future when submitting your design please let us know (by email!) whether you want to be involved in the peer reviews. If you'd like to be involved in peer reviewing for the first round, let us know by Saturday at midnight PST (so the same time as the next round is due).

When we post the thread, we'll post a link to all of the outfits that have been submitted to peer review, along with a few basic guidelines.

There are no points for this; it's just for fun/improvement/curiousity.


  1. Ooh, I like! It is hard to say what is supposed to go in the challenge announcements threads--what's too much discussion, how much is supposed to be for news/updates--so I like the idea of a dedicated discussion space. Count me in.

  2. allicapri, does that mean you are volunteering your round one outfit as a guinea pig? *coughs* I can't quite tell if that's what you mean by count you in.
    And actually I meant to say email us so we'll have them all listed in the same place but I did not actually say that did I. Would you, uh, mind humoring me and doing that?

  3. I like it too. Feel free to use my entry (past and future) as a guinea pig.

  4. Oh, yeah, it was sort of a general "I'm in" sort of thing. I was planning to explicitly give permissions when I emailed in my next entry, since the deadline is the same. There's no point in sending you guys more emails than you need. ;)