Sunday, March 28, 2010

Round Two Entries: History Punk & Odd Items

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Votes are due next Saturday (4/3) night, 11:59 p.m. PST.

70s Inspired Dress by csbsews
(No direct link provided)

80s inspired top and skirt by Sarah
scrap photo
Link 2

60s inspired paper dress by C.I. Fairfield

Rockabilly Jess by Kittycatalina
Closeup shots of materials one and two.

Civil War inspired bolero jacket and skirt by Firinel

Kate's Medieval Inspired Tunic by jchappa

Davida's Electronic Egyptian outfit by LJcatfeather

40s-50s inspired ensemble by sewingmama

Flapper inspired dress by Allicapri

Medieval inspired outfit by seaflower

Pirate inspired outfit by Heritage4

Colonial inspired outfit by numberonekitty

Egyptian inspired outfit by Holley

70's inspired outfit by Stellakelly

Medieval inspired outfit by Gomunk

regency era dress & jacket by thelight139

Lycian Punk Party Dress by the1butterfly

recency inspired outfit by prncssme

Not eligible for votes:

Jess's Samurai-inspired outfit by Curiouser

Elizabethan inspired outfit by katydid


  1. Wow! So many awesome entries!

    How do the bonus points for unusual materials work? Is that just something the judges do, or do the public voters need to be concerned with the bonus points?

  2. That's something for us to worry about (and by us I mean probably Christine since it was her suggestion and she knows what she had in mind for it).

  3. I Love Gomunks dress...very pretty!!!

  4. Of course the "not eligible for votes" outfits are always in my top three. Everyone did a great job and put a lot of time and thought into the outfits!!

  5. So when are we going to know the judges' comments?