Friday, March 12, 2010

Round Two Challenge: Historypunk

For this challenge, you are to create a modern outfit inspired by any time period, (not just those covered by AG). We're asking you to create a modern outfit, with a twist inspired by the past, like the Steampunk movement is inspired by Victorian fashion, but still its own unique look. The key is to be inspired by the past, not to copy it.

Whether your entry features by bell sleeves from the medieval period, bell bottoms from the 70's or a metal skirt-looking thing from ancient Greece, or whatever, the outfit should be wearable for a modern doll. For example, while you can have a Steampunk outfit that you might not wear to school, there are elements of the trend that have crossed over into everyday wear, like ruffled blouses for work, or military-inspired jackets. We are looking for outfits over costumes, but feel free to take some risks.

For this round, you can incorporate your own "untraditional" materials for 1 bonus point, like how Steampunk often incorporates clockwork and brass. And, the *most* original use of materials, as determined by the judges, will get an extra 2 points on top of that.The materials don't need to reference your original time period.

Send your entries to with a hotlink to a head-to-toe-front-facing image of the outfit, plus, link to an album with your in-progress photo(s) and any other images of the outfit you'd like to share. If you're choosing a weird time period, you might also consider a photo or two for reference in your album. (ie, for Rennaissance, you might link to some DaVinci.)Deadline for this round is March 27th, midnight PST!

(Note: you can do a Steampunk outfit if you so choose, but you don't have to! It's just a frame of reference.)


  1. When is this one due? I'm sorry if I'm just not reading closely enough to see.

  2. I'll double check with Christine but it should be due Sat. 27th at midnight PST.

  3. OH my gosh. Not a simple thing unless you plan to do the standard corseting.