Monday, March 22, 2010

Public votes!

In case you were wondering, more than 40 people voted. Not bad! Any ideas on how to get more, though are plenty welcome!

In third place for three points:

LJcatfeather's Marisol's Folklorico outfit!

In second place, for six points:

Numberone Kitty's Tiered Dress for Nicki!

In first place, for 10 points:

Firinel's Gardening outfit for Lanie

And, remember, if you've even participated in this round, you get a point.


  1. The points tally states I didn't get a point this round. Is this correct?

  2. No! That's not correct!
    It was just a copy paste error. I copied the list of people from my spreadsheet which was done in the order they were posted, but then moved the top points to the top, and since you were at the top, of the original list, I accidentally skipped over it. It is fixed now.

  3. Any chance "the other" AG forum is allowed to vote? That would bring more traffic.

  4. There are a few reasons AGF can't participate:
    1) Their rules against outside linking make advertising a bit difficult.

    2) In the past, there have been ideas about things "being appropriate for children" that are not clearly defined, or applied, and I don't feel confident I could run the sort of competition that encourages artistic expression and not offend someone's precious sensibilities there.

    3) I, and at least one of the other judges are banned from AGF since, oh, I think it was 2007, so I couldn't answer any PMs or post there myself to advertise or anything like that. I like to at least know what's going on so that if problems arise, I can handle them in person, and not second or third hand.

    4) I still think the banning was completely unfair, uncalled for, and, most of all, unkind. I only hold the mods who did the deed responsible, but I don't see the point in sharing something I work so hard on, with a board who doesn't want me there.