Friday, March 19, 2010

Judge's Pick, Round One: Christine/Supernonamegirl

I'm choosing Allicapri's Chrissa's School Outfit for this round. I'm not sure that hers was the best made, or the best designed or the best addition to a collection, but I do think she found the best balance between all three.

As a school outfit, it fits nicely in Chrissa's collection, somewhere between her snowsuit and her sundress, especially when you consider the jacket for crisp Minnesota spring days. There was also a lot of thought put into Chrissa's character when designing the outfit, from the faux layers, to the choice of blue, to the headband. (And I really love that headband.)

The coat, in particular, shows a fairly high skill level. It seems to fit Chrissa very well, and the lining complements the gray really well. I love that the buttons are real, working buttons (though I had to double-check a few times to make sure.).

In terms of design, the seam in the top part of the coat adds visual interest too it, while the color, and fabric choices all around, coordinate well without looking like they won't match anything else. There's a few textures going on here that make it seem very realistic and wearable, from the woolliness of the coat, to the crinkle in the shirt and plain cotton undersleeves.

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