Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suggested Photo Rubrik

For the final collection review, you will have the opportunity to add photos to any of your previous albums. While details on the final review are still a round away, here are some guidelines on what sort of photos are helpful for us to see, and offer a bit of direction for round four, or if you'd like to get started now.

First off, more is always better; it's helpful for us as judges if we can say "I'd like to see a closeup of the waist" and then be able to open the album and see that you have a closeup of the waist.

These are things I'd say are a must have:
- One full frontal nude body shot
-One closeup of any bonus element (i.e. round two, this would have been the unusual material)
- One in-progress shot, as defined by the rules

These aren't necessarily Must Haves, but they are Strongly Encouraged, and a great thing to add for the final review. They can really help highlight your design and skill for the judges, *and* the public vote, even acting as deciding factors:
-One full shot of the back
-One full shot from one or both of the sides.
- One close up shot of each detail you want the judges to see
(beading, embroidery, handmade accessories)
-Closeups of parts that might be covered by other pieces in the photo. (No point in working hard on that faux fly, for example, if it's covered by the t-shirt.)
-One shot in different lighting. It can make a real impact on the colors.
- One scrap shot

(And, the above might be must-haves for future PDR competitions, so you might consider developing the habit, now.)

These are more optional. Feeling ambitious? It might help to have these:
-closeups of any difficult elements
-closeups of any elements requiring precision
-closeups of any unique or subtle details (contrasting thread)
-closeups of your print patterns or textures
-closeups of any special techniques (embroidery)
-multiple photos of the outfit in varying light or environtments

On the other hand, we don't need gratuitous dolly photos; this is not a competition for the models too. This includes:
-Headshots, particularly if there's not an accessory in the hair.
-Shots of accessories that you did not make
-"Artistic" angles can sometimes be confusing, and actually highlight odd fit issues.

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