Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Vote

Winning the public vote earns the most points each round in Project Doll Runway, so participation is important!

This year, we're changing voting a bit, to give everyone a bit more say.

You have 6 votes to distribute. They must be for *at least* three different entries, but they do not have to be evenly distributed.

For example, you can give one entry 3 of your votes, another two, and the last just a single vote. Or one entry gets 4 of your votes and the other two get only 1 vote each. You can also choose more than 3 entries, up to all six going to a different entry!

If you're participating, you can still vote, but you cannot vote for yourself.

To submit your vote, email, the board you're a member of and your username on that board, plus the entries that you're voting for. The email should look something like this:

Username: Supernonamegirl at PT & >18.

Mars: 4
Beanjbunny: 1
Curiouser: 1

If you do not specify a number for each of your votes, we'll assume they're evenly distributed.

Each round will also have few entries that are not eligible for points. They will be noted, and at the end of the post. If you vote for them, it will not count.


  1. What would you like people to do if they are not PT or >18 members?

  2. People who are not members of PT or >18 can't vote. The contest is restricted to those communities, because those are the communities that the judges/organizers are members of, and it's easier for us to keep track of things.

    Both communities are easy to join, though >18 requires an LJ account.