Friday, March 26, 2010

Hated Outfit

American Girl fashions aren't exactly hot off the runway, but some are definitely better than others. It's the "others" we're concerned with for this challenge.

You are to redesign one the outfits that you hate the most from American Girl.In your album, we want you to include an explanation on why you chose your outfit; it might be helpful to include an image of the outfit (either your own, or an AG stock photo; I've checked with SailAway and it is okay if you pull the stock photo off the AGPT website and include it in your album).

As for the relation between the original outfit and yours: we want to be able to see the inspiration but it shouldn't look too similar. Sam's bridesmaid dress, for example: we don't want to get ten lavender dresses that look the same as the original except for not being so shiny and ruffly.

We realize it will be (hopefully appropriately!) challenging to "fix" an outfit while keeping the inspiration identifiable, so we'd like you to reference the original outfit in *at least* three different ways, and explain the reference in your album. An example would be something like, "I liked that Samantha's Bridesmade dress was purple, so I stayed in that range, but went for a darker shade, because I thought it would be more attractive." or, "I embroidered the shirt, because I thought that was a nice detail on Jess's original meet outfit."

You can do either a historical or a modern outfit. If you choose a historical outfit, please keep in mind that it should look historically accurate, when compared to other outfits for that historical. It doesn't make much sense to design a bridesmaid dress for Samantha that she wouldn't be able to wear. Please include links or photos in your album that you used as reference.

Entries are due Sat. April 10th.

When you submit your entries, don't forget to note if you want it to be included in the peer review.

Also: We'll have two guest judges this round, for two extra judges picks! Whoo!

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