Sunday, March 14, 2010

Round One Entries: GOTY outfit

You can find more photos of the entry at the link(s). We encourage everyone to take a look; there was a lot of work put into each entry and the additional photos can really highlight the details and craftsmanship.

Votes for this round are due by Saturday, March 20th PST!

If you see a problem with your entry (or don't like the title Mars gave your outfit), drop a line to the PDR email.

Sonali's spring mix-and-match by sewingmama

Chrissa's sundress by Sarah
scrap photo

Marisol's Folklorico dress by jchappa

Lanie's gardening outfit by Firinel

Lindsey's mix-and-match by kittycatalina
Link 2
scrap/in progress photos

Nicki's tiered dress by numberonekitty

Marisol's Folklorico Outfit by LJcatfeather

Lindsey's In Like A Lion outfit by C.I. Fairfield

Marisol's Folklorico Outfit by katydid

Mia's Nelda's Notions Warmups by Holley

Kailey's Ocean Outfit by seaflower

Chrissa's Winter Outfit by Allicapri

Lindsey's volunteer outfit by Gomunk

Mia's Sugar Plum Fairy skating outfit by stellakelly

Sonali's Kurti and Pants by SailAway

Lanie's jumper outfit by the1butterfly

Mia's purple and black casual outfit by thelight139

Marisol's Folklorico outfit by Tink

Sonali's Mix and Match by Livien

Sonali's Pattu lehenga by prncssme

Marisol's Folklorico by Heritage4

Lanie's Boston Sports 2-in-1 by Curiouser
Note: Prior winner; not eligible for votes

Because it interests me, the number of outfits for each doll:
Lindsey: 3
Kailey: 1
Marisol: 5
Jess: 0
Nicki: 1
Mia: 3
Chrissa: 2
Sonali: 4
Gwen: 0
Lanie: 3


  1. WOW! Some very lovely outfits.

  2. Amazing .. beautiful .. wish I could sew .. LOL

    Ta Ta,